Holla, my name is Hilda Arssy Wiga Cintya. You can call me Hilda. Was born on June 12th 1995 in small town named Gresik on East Java, Indonesia. But now, I'm currently living in Surabaya for my study as undergraduate student in Geomatics Engineering of Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology. And I'm on my last college year right now, woah! And i'm currently working as Wardah Beauty Agent 2017.

By the way, is Geomatics Engineering sounds rare in your ears? Same with me at first :D
Yes, my department is a super rare department in Indonesia. I'll explain about this sometimes. For now, you can ask Mr. all-knowing *re: Google 

I'm interesting in many things. I love to study earth, fashion and make up, business, watching movies, food not cook, and anything with fur especially cat! Why earth? Back to my department. Yep it's learning about earth. Fashion and make up? Come on. Both of them are ladies essentials. And business, I have small clothing business selling hijab called Good Goods. I really love watch movies with my boyfriend, we're both always enjoying those moments. I like eat but can't gain weight and can't cook. I have a really thin body :(. And last but not least, I love catssss !!

Nice to meet you :)