Gross Feelings Ha?

11:25 PM

Don't know why I'm just so easily to rise and down (re: heart). Once I received super tiny happiness, I felt like I was the happiest girl in the world. And on another time I received small rejection, I felt so damn hurt inside. These things were so gross I know.

I just want to express my feeling. I just want to show how I really feel. That's all. I won't reply with the same rejection. I just want to feel that I loved. I feel really pain every time you did this to me. But, I can't do anything. Cause I know it can be worst and I'll feel more pain.

Every time these shit happened, I always want to punch your head and yell. How could you do this to me? Am I ever did something wrong to you? I really want to ask. Do you feel the same thing with me? Do you? Am I alone here? Must I struggling alone here? Maybe I can do this. But, you know? I'm still a woman. With these all feelings.

What should I do then? You got annoyed every time I did this. I know. Then, must I just let this feeling go? Or turn this love to be hate? So that, I would never feel anything every time you rejected me? Or what?

Okay, I'll do it
But I wouldn't be the same
Cause I'm still a women

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